Marta's Sex Tape – A Pop Art Comedy

Marta’s Sex Tape – The Amazing “Movidas!”

From the Making of Marta’s Sex Tape:

“Who is Movidas?”
Antonio “Movidas” Flores is the film’s constant observer with his peculiar square-framed glasses, charming open grin and insightful comments about Marta. But how did he get here? Well, I first met “Movidas” many years back when I was Art Directing a picture at Churubusco Studios in Mexico City. “Movidas” was a security guard at the stage there and he had this funny Jerry Lewis like quality about him. The word “Movidas” means sort of like wheeler-dealer in Mexico and this nickname fit Antonio Flores perfectly. He was always selling anything from pencils to lottery tickets or making all sorts of little plans on the side. He really didn’t believe me when I said I would put him in a film, but I did. It just took a little longer than planned.

-Anthony Rivero Stabley (Writer/Director) Visit:


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